Gesso, an age old plaster mix, has been used as a primer for murals and artworks for centuries. It is still being used as a base for water guilding. Combining this traditional recipe with modern day materials has successfully revolutionized its uses, transforming it into a hardy and versatile product, used to clad feature walls, furniture, counter fronts, columns, etc. Described in many ways, some say it is shell like in look and feel, other samples provoke the comment of it being like worn leather…. or possessing similar visual and textural qualities as that of crocodile skin. Gesso with a repeat decorative pattern, can replicate the look that hand-painted, embossed leather panels would have. In fact, there is no limit to its unique appeal. Whatever the colour or texture, pattern or placement thereof, each panel has the same effect on the beholder, an undeniable urge to run ones hand over its surface and watch how the light dances over its shapes. Technical information: These panels are created by applying a thin layer of Gesso, which is a water-soluble plaster, onto canvass. The maximum size of each panel is 2m x 1m800. Gesso, although incredibly hardy when dry, if exposed to moisture for a lengthy period, will crumble. The finished cracked Gesso installation is waxed and polished, thus protecting it from occasional exposure to water. Buffing it will maintain its sheen.